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Welcome to ClitPass, the home of free porn since 2007. We have tens of thousands of links to free porn, one of the largest free porn databases on the Internet. And it is growing all the time, well it is now (there was a short hiatus last year, but we are back on track now). And I am slowly improving the page design, one page at a time. There is a new menu system (left) as people found the old one moved too fast and they kept hitting the wrong category. I'm adding this new menu to the new pages as I change them, so you will see it slowly propagate across the site over the next two or three weeks.

For those of you who don't know: Last year (2016) was a horrendous year for ClitPass. The year before the site's owner decided to retire, and early in 2016 tried to pass the site to a new webmaster. This went horribly wrong, the scripts got corrupted and the site was down for a while while the new webmaster (me) tried to recreate everything from scratch. The result was a bit "thrown together" as I was rushing to get ClitPass back online. My intention was to get the main pages up and running, a bit "rough and ready" but at least "good to go". Then I would work through these pages replacing them with better versions, one by one. Unfortunately I fell ill, and was in bed for several weeks. Tests on my blood then showed another more serious problem and I ended up in hospital for several months. During this time I was unable to work, so ClitPass just sat there, unimproved. When I finally got out of hospital after two attempts (they dragged me back in a few days after I "escaped" the first time) I was broke, so had to concentrate on stuff that brought in money, and sadly this did not include ClitPass. But I am back now, improving and adding to the mighty ClitPass, so bookmark this site and keep coming back for more free porn.

You will find the latest free porn links on the right. For a categorised index of all our free porn, see the menu to the left. And for even more link lists full of free porn, see our friends list on the far left.

That's it. Click on a few links and enjoy yourself.

Future Developments

For those who are interested in what will be happening here next:
  1. To start with, and forever, I'll be adding new free porn links to this site. We already have tens of thousands, but I say that is not enough, we need tens of thousands more.

  2. You will probably notice quite a few dead links in the database, I want to go through the lot and kill the bad ones. However this will take time (did I mention that there are tens of thousands of free porn links?). I'm going to do a bunch a day and slowly work through the lot.

  3. There are several things I have to do in the webmaster's area (where other webmasters post their free porn for you to see).

  4. The existing page design on some pages need improving. I'll slowly work through them over the next few weeks.

  5. There used to be a jokes page on ClitPass, I want to get that up again.

  6. There used to be blog feeds on ClitPass, I want to get those going again.

  7. There used to be a way of saving links, I'm hoping to get that up and running again eventually.

  8. Some of you may remember this site had two sister sites. "The Adult Search Engine" and "Daily Sex Links". I lost both those domains while in hospital (I was unable to get to a computer to renew them when they expired). Someone else has those domain names now, but I have the scripts and intend to set up replacement sites.

Latest Free Porn Links

For even MORE FREE PORN use the index to the left (We have tens of thousands of links to free porn in our database).

Oh, and don't forget to bookmark this site, because I will be adding new free porn all the time.

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Bookmark this site, and keep coming back, more free pornography will be added all the time.
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